Aerialytic has been built with your needs being top of mind. Key features have been built in to enable you to better manage your customers from the start of their solar journey to PTO. The software allows you to quickly create a custom solar design and proposal for a homeowner while you speak to them. It also allows you to make adjustments to proposals on the spot to ensure you’re able to provide a  homeowner with the most ideal design.

Customer Management

Manage your projects all in one place from lead to PTO to improve a homeowner’s experience and speed up your commission payout.

Simple Solar Designs

Efficiently create custom solar designs for homeowners on the spot. Provide them with the information that’s most important to them before your competitors do.

Interactive and Editable Proposals

Adjust panel placement, pricing, materials and more on a proposal in real time to reduce your sales cycle length and retain your customer.

End-to-end Project Life Cycle Management

Manage a sold deal all in one place and speed up the post sale process to improve both your customers’ experience and your commission payout. Smoothly transition a ‘Closed Won’ deal to ‘Installation Complete’ and ‘PTO’.

Sales Reports & Analysis

View and analyze your leads and sales to understand which lead source is most profitable and where you have the strongest returns.

Our Kind Supporters

We are grateful for the support we have received from the following organizations.

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